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  • When will I see new courses on the website?
    As soon as new courses have been written by the faculty, and it is available it will be published on the website.
  • Why can't I finish the English level tests up to level C2?
    It might be that your current level is lower than level C2 and therefore you should start learning at the current level that administration informs you about.
  • When I am part of a group class and I miss a lesson, do I get a new class for the lesson I missed?
    When you are part of a group class and you miss one of the lessons, the group will just continue with the next lesson with your return.
  • Why do I only see level A1 of the English level tests?
    Once you have finished A1 level test you will be invited to join A2 once it has been reviewed by one of our Teachers. This usually takes less than 24h.
  • Will the teacher inform me which lessons I have to do or practice when I missed a class?
    It is not the teacher’s responsibility to contact you and give you the homework, it is your, as student's responsibility to find out from other students what the lesson was about and catch up with the homework. Any material dealt out will also be sent to you on the platform.
  • How long does it take to learn English?
    This depends on the student itself, on how fast he/she/they learns and how fast he/she/they finish the book. We can accommodate your studies according the speed you wish to learn in.
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